Huge Elden Ring update will seemingly make players a lot harder to kill

Elden Ring is an upcoming video game from the team at FromSoftware and it looks absolutely amazing. The game, set in a fantastical world populated by fearsome beasts and dangerous men, will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2019. One of the key features of Elden Ring is its high level of player interaction. In order to make sure that enemies are as fair as possible, FromSoftware has made their moves quite transparent. This week, they released a huge update for Elden Ring that supposedly makes players much harder to kill. Here’s a breakdown of the changes: -Enemies now take more time to kill -Buffed up AI that makes enemies more reactive and unpredictable -New ability for players to control enemy movement

The Elden Ring update is now live

Huge Elden Ring update will seemingly make players a lot harder to kill

The Elden Ring update is now live, and with it comes some significant changes to how players will be killed. The update introduces a new system that sees enemies only attacking players from behind, meaning that smaller characters will be much harder to kill. Additionally, the game’s health system has been overhauled in order to make sure players cannot just spam attacks and regenerate health as quickly as they can. Finally, the update introduces three new enemy types – ancient warriors, revenants, and wraiths – that will require a different strategy to defeat.

The changes include a new resource system and new enemies

Elden Ring is set to receive a major update next month that will seemingly make players a lot harder to kill. The new resource system and new enemies are just two of the many changes coming in the update.

Resource system: Elden Ring will now feature a resource system where players need to find and collect different types of currency in order to progress through the game. This should make it more difficult for players to simply run past obstacles without taking any action since they’ll now need to strategize about how to gather resources in order to advance.

Enemies: Elden Ring’s new enemies will pose a much greater challenge than those found in the base game. Some of them are even capable of teleporting, which adds an extra layer of difficulty to already challenging fights.

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Players are reporting that the enemies are much harder to kill

According to the players who have recently downloaded the latest update for Elder Scrolls Online, they appear to be much harder to kill. One player stated that “the enemies are much tougher now and I’ve had a lot more deaths than usual.” Another added that “the enemies seem to be a lot harder to take down and it’s taking me a lot longer than before to get through an area.” In addition, many players are reporting that their health is dropping significantly faster than it used to, which makes defeating enemies even more difficult. This latest update may have been made in order to make the game a bit more difficult for those who are struggling, but it could also lead to increased frustration for those who are trying to get through the game.

There are also new puzzles and objectives in the game

There are new puzzles and objectives in the game which will seemingly make players a lot harder to kill. For instance, one of the new challenges is to find specific rules which must be activated in order for an object to move. Another involves finding places where three objects are connected and destroying them. There are also new enemies to contend with, such as flying spiders that can paralyze players and giant worms that can swallow players whole.

The developers have promised that these additions will make the game much more challenging and rewarding for those who manage to survive. While some fans may find this more difficult, others may appreciate the challenge it offers.

The update is said to make the game more challenging

The Elden Ring update is said to make the game more challenging. According to GameSpot, the new patch introduces a new difficulty level, called “Master of Shadows”, which is designed for players who want an even tougher challenge. The game’s developers claim that the new mode makes it much harder to kill enemies and get past obstacles.

The Elden Ring has been updated to make players a lot harder to kill

Huge Elden Ring update will seemingly make players a lot harder to kill

The Elden Ring has been updated to make players a lot harder to kill. The update, which is set to go live next week, will supposedly make it so that players will need to use more strategy in order to survive. According to the creators of the game, this update was made in order to make the game more challenging and rewarding for those who invest time into it.

Many players are excited about this update and feel that it will provide a much-needed challenge. However, others are not as thrilled about the change and fear that it might make the game too difficult. It is unclear how many people actually die in The Elden Ring as opposed to how many times they get beaten up, but either way, many believe that the game should be made easier for new players in order to keep them invested.

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What the update entails

The Elden Ring update is now live on PS4 and PC, introducing a range of new features and changes to the game. One of these changes is that enemies will be much harder to kill, with new mechanics such as health regeneration and tougher AI.

This means that players will need to take more care in order to survive, as enemies can now pose a significant threat. In addition, the update introduces new areas – including one set inside the Ring itself – which provide additional challenges for players. There’s also been an overhaul to the crafting system, which should make leveling up your character much easier.

Overall, the Elden Ring update is shaping up to be a major overhaul of the game, which should make playing it much more challenging and rewarding.

How the update will affect players

As we all know, Bethesda has announced a brand new update for their popular game, Elder Scrolls Online. This new update is called the “Elden Ring” and it seems to make players a lot harder to kill. The reason why this is important is because in the past, players have been able to simply run circles around their enemies and kill them without much fuss.

With the “Elden Ring” update, players will now be required to use strategy in order to defeat their opponents. For example, players will now be able to block attacks or use spells that deal damage over time in order to slow down or ultimately kill their opponents.

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Why the update was necessary

The Elden Ring update is a massive patch that was released on August 10th, according to the game’s Steam page. The patch notes state that it will make players harder to kill, saying “targeted enemy balancing has been improved” and “stability and performance issues have been addressed.”

There isn’t a lot of information available about what specifically was changed in the update, but it seems like it might make the game more difficult for players. Some people are concerned that the update could be an attempt by developers to force people to spend more money on microtransactions. Others believe that the changes are intended to make the game more challenging, and less fair.

Regardless of why the update was necessary, many people are unhappy with it because they feel like it takes away their ability to play the game how they want. Some people have even gone as far as to say that this is the worst game update ever released.

The future of the game

According to a blog post by the developers, the Elden Ring update coming soon will make players much harder to kill. This is in line with what players have been requesting for a while now. The update will also bring new game mechanics such as “guardians” and “gates”, which will add another layer of challenge to the game. A lot of player feedback has been taken into account and the team is committed to ensuring that everyone has a good time playing The Elder Scrolls Online.


After the Elden Ring’s latest update, players now have a lot more health and magic regeneration than before. This change seems to make players a lot harder to kill, as they can now survive much longer in battle without having to rely on healers. That being said, there is still plenty of room for balance in The Elden Ring, and further tweaks could potentially make player deaths even less common. What are your thoughts on this recent change? Let us know in the comments below!

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