8 Common Myths Surrounding MacBooks

Every popular thing which is in demand and is highly praised by users is surrounded by certain misconceptions or myths. These are nothing but negative rumors raised by rivals for deteriorating the image of a specific product or a company.

Apple users tout the ease of use, security, stability, efficiency, and exclusive design of MacBook. On the other hand, Windows users and other people complain that MacBook doesn’t offer what it commits to provide. Here, we’ll enlist common myths about the MacBook.

MacBooks Are Overpriced

The statement MacBooks are overpriced is the main myth, as it is not in the air. Yes, Apple’s devices, including MacBook, are indeed costly, but in exchange for the high price, it offers a lot of features.

Compared to desktop computers and Windows laptops, MacBooks have improved the level of technical specifications and available applications. Owning a MacBook also shows the status of a user because Apple is a big brand itself.

MacBooks Are Not for Gaming

When it comes to enjoying games, most people consider a Windows laptop an ideal platform. Mac devices, including MacBook, have been highly ignored in the space of interactive entertainment. This is because it is difficult to find titles available for Windows.

This thing has changed today, as most recent models have NVIDIA chipsets with Intel processors. This makes them highly capable of playing popular games. If you hear no sound on MacBook, check the volume settings or restart the sound controller on your system.

MacBooks Don’t Have a Long-Lasting Battery

Well, again, this is nothing but a myth surrounding the MacBook. This is not a true statement because Apple built custom lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are larger and have increased life.

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MacBook batteries charge more quickly and efficiently. Hence, you don’t have to completely discharge the battery before you plug it in for charging. To enhance the battery life of your MacBook, charge it most frequently between uses and don’t completely discharge it.

MacBooks Don’t Require Cleaning

No single device, whether it is digital or mechanical, can survive perfectly for a long time without cleaning. A MacBook is a digital device that also needs cleaning. While using this Apple device, you may have to launch various applications and programs.

The software logs your activities and creates files to do tasks more quickly. These files must be removed automatically once the apps get uninstalled. When unnecessary data stays for longer on the laptop, you get low storage errors. To save space, you have to clean app leftovers. The video below shows how to do that:

MacBooks Are Not Prone to Viruses

This misconception is not completely false. It holds true in some ways. Yes, Apple’s devices are designed with an extended level of security. However, they are not completely immune to all Mac-related Malware.

For example, PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), adware, cryptocurrency miners, Trojans, and ransomware. These malicious things can corrupt browser settings, access files via a backdoor, or steal vital data. 

MacBooks Are Not Powerful

This myth is again not true, and here you will get the reason for it. Some people believe since MacBooks are thinner, smaller, and lightweight computing devices, they can’t perform well. The MacBook can perform several intensive tasks flawlessly.

You will be surprised to know that MacBooks have become more powerful even though they have become old. You can access the latest Apple software regardless of the model. You can install supplemental program updates to keep your device working smoothly.

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macOS and Windows Are Not Compatible

Another popular misconception is that macOS and Windows don’t have any compatibility with each other. But, it is not a thing of the present day. You could hardly get a compatible operating system.

Even though switching back and forth between Windows and macOS is challenging, it is not impossible. There are so many online guides, tutorials, and tools available to learn how to simply switch between operating systems.

MacBooks Have Limited Upgrade Options

Unlike desktop computers, upgrading hardware on powerful laptops is not a common practice. There are so many hassles included in this task as nearly every piece of hardware is designed inside the laptops.

Removing or replacing any component becomes difficult. But, it does not mean that there is no option for an upgrade. You will find various upgrade options. Just be sure that you have a compatible MacBook model. 

The Conclusion

MacBook is getting a passionate and highly visceral response from laptop users. Many people are nowadays switching from Windows to Mac. So, now you understand that negativities surrounding the MacBook are nothing but a fair share of misconceptions. 

The good thing is that despite having so many myths, the MacBook market share remains among the topmost names. The heated opposition can’t get success in decreasing Apple’s MacBook image. Its name is even getting much better day by day.

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