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5 Ways to Solve the iPhone Searching for Network Error

Are you wondering why your iPhone searching for network constantly and not getting coverage? And when this happens, you are not able to send MMS & SMS. Moreover, you are not able to make and receive phone calls.

Disconnection from the network provider doesn’t allow performing any operation that needs a network. If you are also dealing with the same issue, then work on the possible fixes discussed below.

Why Does the iPhone Keep Searching for a Network?

Searching for network errors could be the outcome of switching to another SIM card or other actions. Another obvious reason is that it has no signals. Your iPhone might be looking for signals due to some software glitches in your mobile device.

Issues in your operating system can lead to the signal problem you are currently facing. Your phone will keep finding network signals if there are any problems in career settings that ensure better connectivity. Let’s jump ahead on how to stop your iPhone from searching.

Turn the Phone Off and On

Rebooting is useful when there is some problem with your phone software. To reboot your device, you need to turn it off and on again. Rebooting also helps solve DNS-related issues in case you are wondering how to unblock encrypted DNS traffic. To start rebooting, tap and hold the Power button.

Now, move the slider to simply turn off your device. Again, tap the Power button and keep holding it until your iPhone gets turned on. All the minor software glitches normally get resolved with iPhone rebooting.

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Update Carrier Settings

You have to accept the latest settings and properly install them on your device when the carrier updates the system or infrastructure. By updating carrier settings, you can stop your iPhone from searching for signals. It will also help in connecting your iPhone to the right carrier.

Get your iPhone properly connected to the Wi-Fi network. Move to Settings, click General, and then tap on About. It will allow you to install the new carrier if available. Now, your iPhone gets connected to the correct network provider.

Enable Data Roaming or Cellular Data

Another tip to fix iPhone searching for network issues is to turn on roaming options and cellular data. Enabling these options will help you in connecting your iPhone to the correct network provider.

Some carriers need to enable cellular data. Open Settings on your device and choose Mobile Data. Toggle on Mobile Data. Click the Mobile Data Options and turn on the Data Roaming button. Now, your device gets connected to the carrier.

Remove Your SIM Card and Place It Again

Remove Your SIM Card and Place It Again

Your mobile phone will not be able to identify the SIM card if a card is not plugged properly into your iPhone. Improper insertion will make your iPhone display a search error. To fix the issue, unplug your SIM and insert it again.

Take out the SIM card tray from your iPhone and remove the SIM card from the tray. Now, again place the SIM card into the tray. Insert the tray again into your device. The iPhone will still search networks for some seconds and link to the carrier.

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Restore Your Device

Any glitches in the software of your iPhone make it keep searching for the network signals. Once you restore your iPhone, it will install the latest version of iOS. To restore your mobile, you can use either iTunes or Finder.

Launch the app of your choice (Finder or iTunes) on a computer. Now, get your iPhone connected to the computer through a USB cable. Locate your iPhone in the app and then tap on Restore iPhone.

Bonus Tips

When these effective solutions don’t stop your iPhone from searching for network signals, you can try other alternatives. Enable Airplane Mode and disable it to connect your iPhone to the carrier. Turn it on in Settings. Check if your device is running the new iOS version.

To check your update status, click Software Update in General within Settings. Download and install your new iOS update. You can also try resetting your network settings by clicking on Reset Network Settings. Move to Settings and click General, followed by Reset on iPhone.  

The Conclusion

This is all about the fixes you can try when your iPhone stucks on searching for the network signal. If you are frustrated with this issue, then try each tip one by one. After using any tip, check if your iPhone stops searching and connects to the correct network provider.

If you find your iPhone still stuck in searching for service, you must contact your respective carrier provider. They will guide you about the reasons for this error and how to troubleshoot the issue. The contact number of the carrier is available on their website.

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